Friday, April 11, 2014

Celebrities at #Occupy Nigeria

Seun Kuti and fans 
It has been two years since the massive anti-subsidy removal demonstrations that held Nigeria to a standstill in January 2012. Looking back through my archives, I discovered these images with Nigerian celebrities - singers, musicians, actors, comedians and rappers - who stood with the masses against injustice and insensitivity of the Goodluck Jonathan government.

They spoke out at Ojota and used their image to draw people out to the streets in protest. Today many of them have forgotten. But some are still in the fight. This post is to remind everyone involved that there's still a lot to fight for.

Comedian Jedi and friends

Afrobeat singer Ade Bantu

Rapper Eedris Abdulkareem

Actor/director Kunle Afolayan with fans 
Actress Bombo Akintola

Waka queen Salawa Abeni addressing the crowd

Travel, Nigeria style

Hiking on the back of trucks is a common means of travel for many poor people who come to Lagos in search of the good life. The bulk of them come from the North and become porters, fetchers of water and other menial jobs.

They too are the earth's.