Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mike Adenuga Towers

Headquarters of Globacom, the emerging Nigerian telecoms giant that is in talks to purchase 50% Telkom shares in South Africa's Vodacom. It is located on the Victoria Island and owned by Mike Adenuga Jr., a publicity shy but very amiable businessman. I once tried to photograph him at a charity dinner in Ghana last December but his aide stopped me. It was the same for everybody that aimed a camera at him.

His favourite animal is the bull which he likes for his own bullishness in business terms. He has another building like this called the Bull Plaza. His company ssponsors the Nigerian football league and the mascot of the league is a raging bull. All personal totems of his.


Goy said...

I must say, your picture transforms this raging vulgarity into something quite...well, not aesthetically pleasing exactly, but not too painful on the eye.

Your blog is fun. I like it.

Tunji Sarumi Photography said...

I like visiting your blog too. Interesting fact about the man called Mr. Adenuga Jr.

Sherry said...

I like the angle of the photo, and I agree with goy...the blog is fun and I like it! Hopefully I will learn much about Lagos by visiting here daily.

Mr Adenuga sounds like a man who values his privacy. Can't fault him for that.