Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seun Kuti in Accra

Son of FELA, Seun Kuti was in Accra last Tuesday as part of a 13-city tour of West Africa with his 14-man Egypt 80 Band. Nice music, as usual, political as ever and it was really nice to meet him in person. Humble dude, he opened his hotel room for me unannounced quite late when I went seeking for an interview.

He is presntly promoting his maiden album Many Things which came out last year. He performed his own songs as well as his father's big hits Army Arrangement, Suffering and Smiling, etc to the delight of the multicultural audience.

I first saw him perform in Lagos in 2005. His act has since matured.

"Afrobeat is not just another genre of music" he told me. "Afrobeat is a movement".

Personally, I think Afrobeat is like listening to Adams Oshiomhole's political speeches during his labour days on a dance floor. It is intense.


Jacob said...

Very interesting. I've never heard of Afrobeat, but that means nothing. He does sound like a nice human being.

Anonymous said...

Waow ! Thanks for the info and the pic ! It is very nice :)
I will post a link on my fan-site if you have more pics you'd like to show I have a gallery page were I put all my photos and those I can get from around the world ; I got nice pics form the show in Bamako.
Take care,

Kris said...

But do you like afrobeat?

Anonymous said...

what an amazing pic...
it looks like it was a great show.
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Lolade said...

Spot on. But you should try Afrobeat, you'll like it.
WOnderful site. Will get in touch
I do like the music, grew up on it when Fela took the military in Nigeria to the cleaners
Will check it out

koala said...

I love Your blog!

gogouci said...

He looks like a great performer and performance, back-up dancers and all.

Alisa said...

Is he related to Femi Kuti? We saw Femi live twice and his show was AWEsome.

Lolade said...

He is Femi's younger brother, it runs in the family

Alisa said...

Too Kewl (sorry all late)