Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eyo festival

When the Eyo masquerades come out to play, praise singers follow their trail. Beautiful women turn out in their best, because it's an opportunity for them to shine.
The arcade is filled to the brim and Lagosians proudly celebrate their heroes.

Dateline: Saturday April 25
Venue: Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos

The city of Lagos celebrated its most famous traditional event, the outing of the Eyo Masques. It's usually held in honour of a recently dead influential Lagos indigene. This time it was for TOS Benson.

It was my first time of seeing the ceremony because it was the first time the Lagos government was beginning to see how it can be used to encourage massive tourism in the state. So we all travelled to the TBS on Lagos Island to witness the spectacle of the Eyo. Dressed in white flowing gowns, a hat and a stick, each group represents a ruling house or iga. They are differentiated by the colour of their hats. They dance around the city chanting ritual songs while praying for the purification of the land.

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JM said...

The first shot is fantastic! I had to enlarge it to see the details. Also beautiful ladies on the last one.