Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For MJ

The Silverbird Galleria has been putting up a show for MJ since his passing with this image of the legend beamed by I-know-not-what-kind-of-technology-and-didn't-bother-asking. Maybe I should have tried to find out. All I know is when one walks on it you have this vision of the image melting/shifting around you. Simple, it's a projection! I knew it.

To MJ who gave us a great time and who we grossly misunderstood. We Love You!

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r l n ! said...

What a wonderful surprise to have found your blog (through Gauteng's blog Johannesburg Daily Photo)! i lived in Lagos and Ife for a couple or so years many moons ago in the late 1980's. And i also blogged about Michael Jackson (http://rl-n.blogspot.com/search?q=michael+jackson)... i miss his music too.

i'll stop by again...to see if i'll remember anything about my life in Lagos.