Sunday, January 17, 2010

Set- football as we play it

Kids thrilling themselves to a game of neigbourhood football. Match ups like this are called "set" as you have another set of players waiting in the wings to play once one team has racked up a certain number of goals against the other.

The goal posts used for games like this one are small, about half a metre wide, and are usually called "monkey posts".

Notice that they play bare footed, that's how many African football stars began, by kicking around in the dust and then becoming household names worldwide through determination and hard work.

The African Nations Cup is taking place in Angola at the moment, it's Africa's own World Cup and many of these kids will like to be in the shoes of their heroes one day.


Leif Hagen said...

Maybe someday some of those boys will be on the Nigerian national soccer team! Have fun boys!

r l n ! said...

This reminds me of how the kids in the Fijian villages have such tough soles... they play rugby in barefeet, run on dirt and tarred roads without shoes, and even do farm work in barefeet (which is not a good idea at all).

But they have a great time, like these kids in the picture.

Kris said...

Great to see the kids having fun!

Glennis said...

Its nice the kids have games to amuse themselves and that may well lead
Bare feet a fine for doing most things when your a kid to sports teams later in life.