Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter at the Christ Church Cathedral, Lagos

Inside the 144 year-old Christ Church Cathedral
 After my last post on the Christ Church Cathedral, I got the hint about getting photos of the inside (thanks Leif Hagen) so I went in and got permission to make some shots this weekend. And what an interesting spectacle it is. It's a cute little church even with its grand history (the oldest church in Nigeria). It has been local parish to some of the most recognized names in the country; Herbert Macaulay a nationalist leader and father of the nation whose face adorns our One Naira coin; his grandfather Bishop Ajayi Crowther who was the first African clergy of the Anglican church, Ernest Shonekan and Yakubu Gowon both past heads of state and many more famous Nigerians.
The Christ Church Cathedral's 64 stops, 4 Manual Pipe organ built by Oberlinger In Germany
I had the opportunity of meeting the Choirmaster Mr Ojemuyiwa who has been in the choir for 62 years. He told me about the impressive pipe organ that the church had installed two years ago at an impressive cost of 166 million Naira (over a million dollars). It's estimated to be the biggest of its kind on the continent. It can be heard from miles away on Sundays and Mr Ojemuyiwa has invited me over for an Easter evening performance by the choir which I'm sure to attend.

Can't wait to be blown away by the music.


Michi - Fotoblog said...

Happy Easter! Wonderful pictures.

Leif Hagen said...

I'm so glad that you went inside and showed us these magnificent photos of a heavenly church! I wish I could magically appear inside to attend a worship service and I want to hear the music and the organ play!
Happy Easter

Lolade Adewuyi said...

Happy Easter to you both Michi and Leif. Have a great day and thanks

luis said...

Nice photos and comments, but perhaps too exaggerated about listening, this organ from miles away...unless broadcasted.