Friday, May 27, 2011

Barcelona vs Man United: Lagos Style

Tomorrow is the UEFA Champions League final match between giants Barcelona and Manchester United at the Wembley Stadium in London.These photos I shot on the streets of Lagos in 2009 when the two teams clashed. Above, a board in Ojota advertises the clash while below, a group of Barcelona fans take to the streets before the game. An article on international football site published the images today and you can read about African support for the teams here.
If you're wondering where my support is, I am backing Arsenal to win the game, lol. It shows that I really don't mind who wins as long as they both play good football.


Kris said...

I wanted Arsenal to win as well. In a couple of years in will be QPR with the big Nigerian Dan Shittu heading in the winner!

Lolade Adewuyi said...

Ah, Danny Shittu, a strong defender that man.