Monday, July 4, 2011

Agofure Motors

During my recent trip from Port Harcourt I rode on G. Agofure Motors, the big transport company out of Warri. Their service was impressive and I'm glad to say that for a Nigerian company. The mini bus from PH had a little fault on the way to Effurun and the driver radioed ahead to have the bus replaced. Pronto it was done as soon as we got to their HQ in Effurun where the new driver held us spellbound with his Waffi jokes all the way to Lagos. With a fleet of over five hundred vehicles, founder Godwin Agofure employs thousands of people in his transport, hotel and filling station chains in the Niger Delta region. This is a kudos to a man of vision.

Having flown the first leg to PH, it was great traveling back by road all through the heart of the Niger Delta where I saw out of the window my old primary school in Benin City. Ivbiotor Primary School has been abandoned because of the incessant flooding that occurs around the Dumez Junction on Sapele Road. Perhaps one day when I go to Benin I should be able to stop by and see it better.

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Kris said...

I like the colours on that van.