Wednesday, August 10, 2011

St George's Hall

This really cool looking building along Broad Street is the St George's Hall, home to the Freemasons Lodge 3065. I found it unusual and knocked on the door hoping to find someone to speak to and perhaps see the insides but was told by the guard that it doesn't open on Saturdays. It was he who later told me it belonged to the Freemasons, "a club of big men," he said.

On closer scrutiny I discovered that the sign on the top is the compass and square of the masonry. This lodge was founded in 1904. There's a website link here.

As I'm presently reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, I have a little insight into the workings of the fraternity depending on how true the fictional tale mirrors reality. According to Brown, "we all fear what we do not understand." How well that is true with the Masons I do not know but I would like to see the insides of that magnificent hall that lends so much olden beauty to Broad Street.


Anonymous said... know the Catholic Church is vehemently opposed to Freemasonry because its tenets are opposed to Christianity. They see Catholics as their enemies because Catholics propose the truth of Christ while they propose instead a plurality of religion. They aspire to bring about the reign of the devil by turning men into nothing but pure humanistic beings who thrive on nothing but their appetites.

The Catholic Church has been speaking about this now for almost 300 years. I am surprised you have not heard of it except through the despicable books of Dan Brown who is himself a propaganda machine.

If you want to know more about freemasonry

Of course, whenever you bring up the diabolical nature of freemasonry, they will always laugh and pretend it is not the case. They make themselves seem humanitarian, but they know it is a mask.


Da Spyda said...

Chiedu... I am a Mason. And I can only laugh at your ignorance.

Dan Brown was right... we fear what we do not understand

Mfonobong Udom said...
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Unknown said...

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