Monday, November 7, 2011

First Nation Airlines: First flight

Last week I flew First Nation Airlines from Abuja to Lagos and was impressed by the new company's outlook. It was the first week that they were deploying their Airbus A320 aircraft and it looked really neat. The best part of the flight was when they served lunch. It was a full compliment of rice and chicken, unlike the dry snack that's served on most local flights. Plus they put a can of Pepsi/7Up/Teem, not just a cup!

Well, I know it was just a marketing appetizer and they would soon revert to status quo, but I wish they'd continue with what they've started. Airline passengers deserve the best. 

(Photos taken with a Google Nexus One camera phone)

Inside the cabin

Friendly crew

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tiwi said...

Na free flight abi na only you dem give the rice and chicken cos this free PR must get ... Lol! Nice one bro!