Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Red carpet photos from Soul Diaspora's premiere in Lagos

Award winning film Soul Diaspora had its Nigerian premiere at the Ozone Cinemas, Yaba on Saturday January 28. Odera Ozoka's story about the troubled life of a Nigerian immigrant in Los Angeles days before the 9/11 attacks won the 2009 African Movie Academy Awards for best film from a director in the Diaspora. Lead actor Saidu Abu also got a nomination for his gritty performance in the best actor category. On Saturday, the Lagos audience got a look at the film sthat has garnered so much praise at many festivals worldwide. Personally, I wasn't disappointed. Can't speak for others who came in expecting a regular Nollywood melodrama. Director Odera had warned me ahead of time that this was not "a date movie" when I asked if I could come with a friend. It's a noirish story of loneliness in a foreign land, stereotypes, hate, culture shock and the anger and suspicion that followed the attacks on America in September 2001. No plot spoilers here because the movie will open to audiences later this year and I would like for everyone to get shocked by the tragedy of the movie. Here are a few photos from the red carpet event.
Nollywood actress Steph-Nora Okereke

Nollywood actor Emeka Ike

Director Odera Ozoka with his Mother

The film's star Sadiq Abu

"Chuks" and "Ene" of Tinsel

Journalist Lolade Adewuyi, film producer Clotilde Delavennat and actor Sadiq Abu


Mark Benson said...

Quite amazingly its great to know that Nigeria is not at all no less than any other fashion filled nation in the world. Quite a many fashion events such as describes above in the post gather many flights to Lagos, the lively city of Nigeria each year in order to facilitate such travellers who come here to be a part of the fashion shows and all.

Lady_Elena(uk) said...

Lovely. As much as people put the Country down, Nigerians certainly have great talent.