Monday, August 4, 2008

Flooded Lagos

Went to a wedding on Saturday and had to wade through a heavily flooded area as you can see in this photo. The vehicle I was in was almost swallowed up by the huge rain water-filled crater in the middle of the road. This makes people sometimes question if we really do have a government in place.

Interestingly, when I got to work this morning the magazine I write for treated the issue of flooding under the environment question. It seems we have have neglected the environment for a long time and we might pay for it dearly what with the rains washing away the land in the South while the Sahara Desert slowly creeps in on us from the North.


Kris said...

I am really enjoying the glimpses of Nigeria that you show us. With this problem (the poor road), is that the city government, state or federal government’s responsibility?

Ann said...

I hope the bride didn't have to wade through that as well. Your's insn't the only country that's neglected the environment. I think that statement applies to most countries in the world, including mine. One of our major river systems is in such a bad way some people say its unrecoverable (I hope they are wrong).

Lolade said...

@ Kris
this particular road is supposed to be under the purview of the local/state government. It's just that most times there is no early response to begging questions like this until one day when a "big man" wants to pass that neighbourhood and he discovers it. So then you'll find all the officials running around to get it fixed.

Well it was my brother that went to get the bride at her home so she didn't have to go through that portion. It's sad how people in authority fail to address pressing issues until it gets out of hand. A stitch in time as they say...


Roads in Lagos continue to worsen although the state government is working on some major roadways but to allow a road like that one in the pic to worsen is unconscionable because it is a hazard to residents and travelers. I am sure that there are many more streets like that around Eko.

Thank you for sharing these photos.