Monday, September 12, 2011

Brave faces at Maxi Foam fire disaster

This fireman held on bravely until water ran out from his tank
The Maxi foam factory at Ojodu got razed down on Saturday afternoon. I was attending a series of events and exhibitions at Lagos Island and was returning when I saw smoke blazing over Berger. My friend Toyin sent a chilling text message: "Fire at Berger, opposite Tantalizers. I was eating and ran for my life. Left my food."

As I alighted from the bus, I made my way straight to the scene of the incident where a gas explosion had caused the foam making factory to erupt in flames. It burned until there was hardly anything left to make of the once important factory. The building nearby that has a series of shops was also engulfed in the blaze that had spread across the fence. Brand new cars belonging to a dealer shop were burnt as the fire spread down the block.

Citizens came out to help men of the fire service to quell the flames but all actions were to come to nought as the fire devoured everything in its way. A few articles were saved by brave men and women who withstood the flames to help people they didn't know. I went into some of the offices with rescuers who tried to save the most they could before the flames could come near.

It was an afternoon that brought out the best of my country men and I'm proud to say that everyone gave their best. Even though the fire service trucks ran out of water severally with new units coming in to assist, one could see the resolve of the brave men as they fought the fire albeit with out great success.

To my knowledge, no life was lost in the fire.

In my original post I stated that the factory involved was Mouka Foam, I have since been corrected that it is Maxi Foam. Got a call from the Quadrant Company (Mouka's PR). I apologise for any wrong impressions created.
Tired and out of water, he frustratingly removes his helmet
Fire's out but all's lost

Untrained, these men gave a helping hand to the overwhelmed fire officers
These men passed buckets of water to try and put out the flames

Woman in agony after losing much to the fire that blazed through the factory and nearby shops

This lady played a big part in finding ways to put out the massive blaze 

Men trying to save office equipment in a nearby building before the flames came near
This burly man betrayed his emotions on that afternoon

Witnesses: Mobile phones in hand, these men recorded the incident from ringside

Ambulance services attend to people who were injured in the rescue operations


Mo said...

What a tradgedy. Thank goodness no one died.

Lolade Adewuyi said...

My sentiments exactly

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