Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Karo Akpokiere's Illustrated Letters

Karo Akpokiere strikes a pose
 Graphic artist Karo Akpokiere had his first solo exhibition at the Goethe Institut, Lagos on Saturday September 10. His Illustrated Letters are inspired by "the bold, edgy graffiti aesthetic, character design, the fine black line and expressive text present in comic books."

It was my first exposure to his art but I left with a deep impression. His inspirations come from growing up reading comic books and the way those characters were illustrated. He says that he wants to challenge the notion that design is mainly for passing commercial messages.

His ongoing daily project Draw365 can be followed online here
Audience at the exhibition opening
"What's the secret behind his art," she seems to ask.

Karo and family members with Goethe Institut director Marc-Andre Schmachtel


Leif Hagen said...

Fun to see the artist, his works and the admiring public!
Regards from EAGAN daily photo

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