Friday, December 23, 2011

The Angel of Dustbin Estate

Tolulope Sangosanya with children of Dustbin Estate at her resource centre
Tolulope Sangosanya founded the Love On The Streets (LOTS) Charity Foundation to cater for the less privileged children living around Pako in Ajegunle, Lagos. The neighbourhood is better known by its other name, Dustbin Estate.

Having experienced a life of challenges herself, Tolu has found her calling in taking care of the needs of educational needs of the children in the area. Growing up Tolu could not read. After overcoming her disability, her family got a prophecy that she was going to die before her 25th birthday.

"I used to tell myself that I am special but couldn't read and write,"  Tolu told me. "How can I get to this stage when I thought all was well and then they say that I shall die?"

And so came the desire to leave a legacy behind. It was the reason behind LOTS Charity. Not only did she not die, her charity has survived and is giving succour to more than a hundred kids at the rented apartment where she operates a resource and literacy centre in the Ajegunle neighbourhood. "I can relate and empathize with them because I had a late start in life. All they need is love."

In 2010, Tolu was awarded the prize for the best use of advocacy at The Future Awards. She continues to give her time and attention to the children of Dustbin Estate where she is assisted by Priye and Emmanuel Bayoko, two siblings who grew up in the neighbourhood.

"I'm doing it for the future of the kids," said Emmanuel. "I believe in Nigeria's future."

(Please see link to help Tolulope Sangosanya's work with the children of Dustbin Estate)

The slum where the kids and their families live
Tolu with her assistants Priye and Emmanuel Bayoko


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John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Thank you for bringing the work of Tolu to wider attention.

Uigei said...

Praise God for our sister and her assistants. May all the blessings be upon them and their endeavors

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