Thursday, December 8, 2011

Professor Akin Oyebode's Inaugural Lecture

Professor Akin Oyebode 
Law teacher, public analyst, and author Akin Oyebode delivered his inaugural lecture at the University of Lagos on Wednesday, 20 years after he became a professor. Better late than never, it is a debt every erudite scholar owes the university system. In "Of Norms, Values and Attitudes: The Cogency of International Law", Oyebode challenges the Nigerian political elite to "jettison its obsurantism and anti-intellectual attitude" concerning "policy formulation and implementation on international matters by encouraging informed input from academics and experts."
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Abolore AbdulGaniyu said...

In fact your kindness, commitment and committed to the development of this nation among the international community is worthy of emulation and can hardly be equaled by millions of thanks, but i pray God Almighty to continue to be with you.