Friday, July 18, 2008

Africans for Obama

I attended a press conference today where a non-governmental organisation called Africans for Obama unveiled its agenda to the public. The group is being championed by a lady who is the president of Nigeria's stock market, Prof Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke. It's a personal project of hers because she said she met Barack Obama in 2005 at a dinner where she was honoured by the American Congressional Black Caucus and the Senator had joined a long queue that wanted to take pictures with her. She had been pleasantly surprised two years later when the young man had declared his intention to be president of America. Hence, what better way to support him than by calling for all Africans who have kith and kin in America (about 3 million naturalised Africans are eligible to vote in America according to the group's figures) to influence their people to vote enmasse for Obama.


Ineke said...

i hope it works

Femi B said...

Abeg, let her go and support her fellow Nigerian politicians..wetin concern agbero with overload. I am glad they rejected the money. We Nigerians don't know how to support our own instead we would be support something that does not concern us.