Monday, July 21, 2008

On Olumo Rock

Penultimate weekend I went to Abeokuta, the city founded under the Olumo Rock in Ogun State, for a friend's wedding. It was my first time there and what better thing to do than visit the world famous Olumo Rock that served as a hiding place for the Egba people during the internecine wars of the 19th century. It was where they took refuge from the marauding warriors of Dahomey, present day Republic of Benin.

Now a major tourist attraction, it has since gained a new look as the government's handed it out to a private developer. There are now elevators to ferry those who cannot walk the strenuos journey to the top. But it really is a lovely place to visit as one can get a great view of the ancient city of Abeokuta from its zenith.

My friend Akin Ayodele, a lawyer and I stand on the summit of the rock savouring its beauty. In the background one can see the Ogun River, which the state is named after, as it makes its way towards the Atlantic.

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Ann said...

Looks like a fascinating area.

Lolade said...

Yeah it's a really incredible place as I'll show you more photos

Rob said...

I have been to lagos and Ogun state but never abeukuta and the rock. I will make it a must on my next trip God willing.