Friday, July 11, 2008

Traffic control: LASTMA

This traffic officer under the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA scheme, graciously allows me to take a shot of him even though he turns away from my view. They have since come to epitomise sanity on Lagos roads as we like to say here; the fear of LASTMA is the beginning of wisdom.


AlooFar said...

I'm loving it here.
Nice blog.

A'dele said...

Uhmmm...nice one.
How come I can't help wondering if this LASTMA people won't get run over sometime? Sure hope not though.

opeyori said...

Its quite unfortunate that we have animal in the midst of human, the so call LASTMA, they pick up my car at ikeja, medical road now kudirat abiola road, at about 6:00pm where it was pack and tow it to PWD, I was asked to bring N20,000 as bribe instead of N50,000 that I suppose to pay as fine, I refused to comply the next was to give me ticket of N20,000.
What surprised me most was that I was asked to pay N10,000 to bank and pay N10,000 cash as tow fees to one of them there but after checking the ticket my offence charge was just N5,000.
End must come to this animal act, why can’t they learn from Road safety, they will never charge you more than the offence committed.

OLA said...

Traffic between Ikorodu-mile12-ketu is unberable! It takes minimum of two hours to move on this shortest distance which should take just 15 minutes under a free flow traffic.
LASTma !!!!!!!