Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lagos House of Assembly 2


uncleawang said...

Thank You for sharing your country and looking forward to know more.
Have a nice day.

The Invisible Man said...

Cool blog, love the pictures

Kris said...

It's always a bit sad to see parliamentary buildings with barbed wire around them. They should be open to the people (as they are 'for the people').

It does seem to be a sign of the times though.

Standtall said...

This palce looks so clean! I pray Lagos will like this in and out

Lolade said...

@ Uncle Wang n the Invisible Man
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you get to know more about Lagos through my lenses.
@ Kris
Well, it's surely a sign of the times here. Elected officials here try as much as possible to avoid their constituents when they realise they cannot fulfill pre-election promises.
Lagos will be very clean if everybody does their part in cleaning up the environment because the government is trying hard to return the city to its days of past glory.