Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meeting Ghana's President

I met Ghana's President John Kufuor last week at the Ghana-Nigeria Business Summit in Accra. I had written a story for my magazine on the challenges of Ghana's new found oil and he made a comment about it when he saw the magazine at our stand at the exhibition.

Nice fellow, him. He'd be leaving office in December as Ghana goes to the polls to elect a new leader after Kufuor's 8 years in office.


Anonymous said...

Mr Adewuyi
Congratulations on meeting the outgoing president of Ghana, that is no small thing. Kuffour has really tried for Ghana.

What did you have to say about the budding Ghanaian oil industry? I hope they manage theirs like the Norwegians, not like their near neighbours in Nigeria.

Well done.

AlooFar said...


Sally said...

That's pretty cool getting to meet a President!