Monday, October 27, 2008

Teslim Balogun Stadium

Right opposite the National Stadium is the Teslim Balogun Stadium in Surulere. It is one of the venues that will play host to the FIFA U-17 Youth Championships next year, if Nigeria agrees to host after all as the government is claiming that the cost of hosting the tournament is too high.

It is named in honour of Teslim "Thunder" Balogun, a man whose mythical history is larger than life. It was said that he wore a ring on one of the fingers of his left leg and that he once kicked a ball with that leg which resulted in the disemboweling of a goalkeeper. Myth more than fact anyway. Many young Nigerians grew up listening to such stories about him.

Teslim Balogun was the first Nigerian to play in the English league with Peterborough in 1955. The Observer of London describes him as man with a "powerful shot".


Anonymous said...

Even a horse would have a problem kicking as hard as this guy. Wow. What a legend.

Elizabeth said...

I really like your blog. The pictures and comments are great! Thanks for sharing.


JM said...

Beautiful gate! Very nice description too.